Once our customers first tried our Beef Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, and Elk Jerky they began to ask for it as “the good stuff.” Ray couldn’t come up with a better name…so it stuck. We start with premium cuts of American Beef, Buffalo, Elk and Turkey, add a perfect blend of spices and use a special packaging process that allows all our products to remain fresh and tender without using a lot of preservatives.

We even have MSG-Free Buffalo and Elk strips. Our meaty & flavorful beef sticks are great snacks on the go!

Now Ray’s full-line of Beef, Elk and Buffalo Jerky and Beef Sticks, as well as our mouth-watering all natural creamy Amish Caramels, are just a click away.

We have been in business for 16 years. We sell PREMIUM Beef, Elk, and Buffalo Jerky. All American made with American meat as well as lots of American love. We give free samples at both locations. We also carry local honey’s, jelly’s, jam’s, salsa’s, and caramel corn. We also offer Amish Caramels, Old Fashioned Bottled Soda, Popcorn that pop’s off the cob, and Ray’s Exclusive Expandable Cloth Wipes! We also specialize in Gift Boxes as well as hard to buy for gifts!

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