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Spicy Beef Sticks Individual
A kick of heat from cayenne pepper, married with our unique blend of signature spices, gives Ray’s Spicy Beef Stick the perfect balance. Not too spicy, the result is a full-bodied flavor sure to satisfy your hunger! New Bigger, Better...
Teriyaki Beef Jerky
OUR #1 SELLER! Made with 100% American Beef, Ray’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a popular flavor. Marinated in a lightly sweet and savory mixture of soy sauce and spices, Ray’s Jerky is slowly cooked to a tender perfection. You will...
$11.00 $9.99
The Big Daddy The Ultimate Gift Box
Packaged in Ray’s Gift Box! 5 – Assorted 3.25oz. Ray’s Beef Jerky 6 – Assorted Ray’s Beef Sticks 1 – 1.92oz. Buffalo Jerky 1 – 1.92oz. Elk Jerky 1 – 1lb Amish Caramels 1 – Jar Specialty Jam 1 –...
The Office Box
5 – Assorted 3.25oz. Rays Beef Jerky 1 – 1/2 Pound Amish Caramels 1 – Flavored Licorice 1 – 3oz. Chocolate Sunflower Seeds & Popcorn on the Cob! Based on availability, items may be substituted with items of equal or...
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